Overall objectives

The project will be implemented in the following countries:
Italy (IT), Portugal (PT), Spain (ES) and Iceland (IS)
Starting date: 01/01/2012     Ending date: 31/12/2013     Duration in months: 24

1)    Actions for the development of probabilistic hazard assessment

The first objective concerns hazard assessment. The expected results are the compilation of a macroseismic dataset in the four case study areas, the implementation of a common strategy to forecast damage scenarios from observed and synthetic MFs through common statistical techniques, and the assessment of the seismic-hazard at site.

2)    Actions for the development of risk analysis

To provide the bulk of the inventory data needed, use will be made of stock data that is already available for the case study locations. Loss modelling will be carried out using at least one of the existing GIS-based software packages that have been developed for this kind of urban analysis, among some of the partners. The expected results are unified and homogeneous data treatment and vulnerability analysis.

3)    Actions for the development of disaster-prevention strategies

By combining the information contents of damage scenarios and the GIS capability, a powerful tool will be made available for the support of real-time decisions in the post-event phase. The output will be a set of quantified statements about the benefits of each possible mitigation action, and its expected costs, which will be developed for each partner region.