Before it’s too late - Educational movie

“Before it’s too late” is a 16 min video produced by IST and LNEC. The video project is intended to bring people closer to science, being a tool for earthquake risk awareness, promotion and education.Understanding and hearing peoples worries and concerns, is the first step to know how science can become part of their life and give it the right importance as part of the solution.

What importance should earthquakes have in our life? Often it is not easy for general public to get correct information on natural hazards and risk mitigation actions, and people have little preparedness of what to do in case of an earthquake or other natural event.
“Before it’s too late” explores the idea that all of us have an important role, as individual’s or as real state owners, and together, public and scientific community can influence and do political pressure.
Experts answer and share their knowledge about seismic risk, building vulnerabilities, emergency planning and preparedness.