HVERAGERÐI … in Compliance with Nature - Educational movie

The EERC educational film is dealing with Hveragerði, a seismically active town, 45 km far from Reykjavik City Center; located south of the Hengill Central Volcano a very earthquake prone site. The town is commonly shaken by: (i) geothermal originating earthquakes from local sources, (ii) volcanic earthquakes originating in the Hengill Central Volcano, and (iii) shallow tectonic strike earthquakes originating in the South Iceland Seismic Zone.

The film provides educational material both for schools and for the general public. It introduces how inhabitants in seismic active town are able to live with the risk and the consequences of earthquakes. Furthermore it shows how seismicity along with volcanic activity can add quality to life, by age of thermal energy and demonstrates how science and engineering can provide understanding on natural hazards and risk.
The film displays video-clips from the Icelandic National Television Broadcasting Service (RUV) over the last half a century that gives insight into the effect of previous earthquakes on the lives of Hveragerði’s inhabitants. Both responders and inhabitants are interviewed. Special interviewees of the film are the Police Commissioner who is responsible for civil protection in the county Árnessýsla, the Mayor of Hveragerði, several scientists and engineers.